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Last month, Alltek Services partnered with the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce to provide an insightful lunch on Cybersecurity. Our guest speaker was Supervisory Special Agent Paul Vitchock, the head of the Tampa Cyber division. Mr. Vitchock discussed the constantly evolving environment of cybercrime. He shared many insights, some of which were quite alarming. Such as the fact that a third of the individuals in the room were most likely affected by a malicious item on their work computers. He did not even want to get into personal computers!

Another topic of conversation was Ransomware. Ransomware comes in many different forms. However, they all share the same structure. Once a malicious item is clicked, opened, or downloaded, the data on the network can be completely encrypted. This unfortunate incident renders a business’s data completely useless and unobtainable. A “ransom” must be paid to the culprit for the data to be returned.

Although scary, Supervisory Special Agent Paul Vitchock did produce hope. The FBI is working diligently to enhance the security of the nation. He also provided tips to ensuring a secure work force. Some of the tips he provided were:

  • Strong Passwords (you would be surprised how many people still avoid complex passwords)
  • Backups (Every business should have a tested Business Continuity plan in place)
  • Firewalls
  • Spam filtering
  • Monitoring (Understanding how to find these issues)

I was very happy to see the results of the survey we sent out after the event. Over 90% of the attendees found the event very helpful in constructing their own cybersecurity plan.

At Alltek Services, we enjoy educating the community on important topics relevant to their business. We’ve featured marketing topics, employee wellness, and business continuity. However, no topic has received as much attention as our Cybersecurity lunch. The room was full and we are ecstatic that we were able to give back.

If you are worried about the cybersecurity of your business, please reach out. We would be happy to provide a free consultation to show you exactly how we can ensure you technology is safe and working effectively every day.