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One of the best things that the Alltek Services team gets to do on a regular basis is welcome new Managed Service Clients into the Alltek Services fold. Along with establishing a new partnership and new friendships, the real thrill of establishing a new Managed Service relationship is the opportunity to show the new client what we do best – I.T. Managed Services!

This week, Alltek Services has welcomed Strickland Construction as a partner and new Managed Service Client.

Welcome Aboard Strickland Construction!

Strickland Construction has been in business since 2001 and specializes in commercial and industrial projects. Their portfolio includes government, office, educational, medical and retail projects.

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Their former IT company fixed issues as they occurred. They reacted to problems and billed for each one. This created problems for Strickland Construction as their monthly bills continued to rise because there were inadequate incentives in place for their IT company to correct the underlying issues.

The wonderful staff at Strickland Construction were relieved to hear about our best practices and proactive approach to I.T. management. By eliminating errors before they occur, both of our businesses work more efficiently. This relationship can thrive due to a flat rate monthly fee, rather than the break-fix model of the past. This structure allows for appropriate budgeting, no surprise costs, and proper management of their I.T. infrastructure.

Does your business in Polk County or Hillsborough County, Florida have a business technology team like Alltek Services that has a proactive approach to I.T. that can be easily budgeted? Is your current business technology service meeting YOUR needs, or are they just waiting for something to break so they can bill you?

Give Alltek Services a call today at (863) 709-0709 or send us an email at for more information. We’d be glad to welcome you to the Alltek Services partnership family too!

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