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Do You Have A Sound IT Strategy?

Reports in leading newspapers throughout North America state that: Approximately 79% of small businesses don’t.   What does this mean for them—and for you, if[…]

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Warning: Cybercrime is on the Rise! 8 Cyber Criminal Minds Were Busted In South Florida & Atlanta Over the Past Week

Similar to the hit TV show Criminal Minds, the FBI was hard at work in South Florida and Atlanta over the past week. As a[…]

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Beware: Hackers Are Getting Smarter & Smarter Every Day

Did you know the average hacker could easily mimic you online? We see it everyday on social media networks. In fact, Facebook, Twitter and even[…]

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ALERT! A Fake Heartbleed Removal Tool Is Circulating.  If You Get An Email With This Attachment, Don’t Open It.    

Contact Us Right Away! “Heartbleed” one of the most serious vulnerabilities to ever hit the Internet,caused problems for wireless and wired networks around the world[…]

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How Do I Ensure My Business Communications Don’t End Up In The Wrong Hands?

Communication is one of the most important key aspects of any properly functioning company or organization. While communicating via telephones and word of mouth are[…]

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CUPID —The New Heartbleed

The Heartbleed SSL Bug, one of the most serious vulnerabilities to ever hit the Internet,caused problems for enterprise wireless and wired networks about two months[…]

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Cybercriminals Breached 97% of Monitored Networks Over the Course of 6 Months – Beware: Emerging Threats Might Be Targeting YOUR Network!

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever before! They’re so experienced at what they do – they may have attacked your network already. According to[…]

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Did you know 62% of all emails contain malicious attachments?

Your business heavily relies on email as the foundation of your day-to-day operations. And as email continues to become more prevalent, your business must ensure[…]

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Did You Know? Most Security Threats come from inside your company network

Today’s rough economy is forcing businesses to downsize their workforce. Now that there are fewer employees, more important information is distributed to each individual. If[…]

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Microsoft releases a new Windows Surface tablet that the company says will replace your laptop.

The Surface Pro 3 costs $850 for the basic version. Other features include a 12-inch multi-touch display screen, a pen to write on the surface,[…]

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