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Security Issues That May Leave Medical Practices Vulnerable

Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to keep patient data security, whether it’s at rest on a server or in transit to the cloud or[…]

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5 Must-Know Microsoft Outlook Hacks

Take a minute to pull out your phone. How many email notifications are staring at you? 100? 3,000? More? Drowning in email is no way[…]

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Meet Chandler Holland

Do You Need A Go-Getter? Ask For Chandler! Alltek Services Employee Spotlight Chandler Holland started at Alltek as an intern from Florida Polytechnic University. It[…]

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What Is Google G Suite and What Are the Benefits for My Business?

There are certain functions that every business requires — word processing, analysis, presentations and calendaring — and Microsoft Office used to be the default option[…]

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Do We Practice What We Preach?

When It Comes To Our IT Setup–We Do A client recently asked if we practice what we preach. This was in respect to the firewall,[…]

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Four Amazing Tips on Using iPhones and iPads in Your Business

Coordinating interactions between office staff and remote workers can be challenging. One way you can cut through a lot of the confusion that arises when[…]

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How AI Is Saving Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Practices An Hour Each Day

The red tape that normally surrounds the administration of patients in the healthcare industry is a leading cause of physician burnout, as many data experts[…]

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Microsoft Accounts Targeted For Months, Hackers Serve A Security Reminder

Microsoft began notifying users of a 2019 security breach that occurred between January 1st and March 28th. Hackers were unintentionally given unauthorized access to[…]

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Essential List of Cybersecurity Terms to Know in 2019

As the digital community continues to expand to include more individuals and more devices, enforcing cybersecurity becomes more complicated. The number of opportunities and vulnerabilities[…]

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What Role Do Robots Play In Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence and robotics are poised to change the entire economic landscape over the coming decades, with an estimated 30% of existing jobs poised to be[…]

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