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Alltek Services understands how crucial communication is to the effective operation of any business, ours included. That’s why we’ve recently implemented a hosted PBX system in-house – and we love it so much, we want you to benefit too.

Hosted PBX systems from Jive offer small and medium-sized businesses a sophisticated telephone system without the need for costly equipment. With VoIP capabilities, your entire workforce is able to stay productive and collaborative, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the go – all while staying connected to the office phone system. You gain the freedom and mobility needed to truly thrive in modern business.

Hosted PBX System

Innovative Features and Reliable Connectivity

You benefit from a communication solution that’s designed to meet your individual requirements. With so many innovative features, managing communications with clients, vendors, and anyone else in your business circle has never been easier.

How exactly do Hosted PBX systems from Jive benefit your business?

  • No Contracts: Start today and use Jive month-to-month as long as you want with no obligation and no long-term commitment.All Inclusive Pricing: Unlimited auto-attendants, unlimited extensions, and access to an entire suite of features — all included in your monthly payment!
  • Cost Reduction: There’s no large upfront investment, and with hosted solutions you eliminate the constant need for expensive repairs and upgrades.
  • World Class Reliability: Jive’s system is backed by an SLA and is rated ‘Best-in-class’ by several industry experts.Support: In addition to tech support, Jive’s Customer Care team is available to answer feature questions, provide training, and make changes to your PBX at any time and at no extra charge.System Admin Ease of Use: Nobody else makes it this easy! Setting up your phones is as simple as “drag and drop” with no technical expertise needed.
  • Simplified Mobility: We know that you’re not just working from the office anymore. Now, your workforce gains geographical flexibility with access to calls from virtually any location.
  • Customizable Features: Like we said, these systems are strategically set up to meet your unique needs. PBX systems ensure you’re able to easily manage your messages and effectively keep up with clients and co-workers.

Get in touch with Alltek Services to discuss the most effective communication solutions for your business. Our team is eager to help you maximize your investment and increase productivity – and with hosted PBX systems from Jive, that’s never been easier. Contact us at info@AlltekServices.com or (863) 709-0709 to learn more.

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