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5 Potential Issues & How To Avoid Them

Healthcare IT ServicesQuality I.T. Services are a critical component to your healthcare facility. With advancements in technology like higher broadband speeds, faster networks and the growing adoption of smart mobile devices, you must provide relevant, real-time medical information in a portable and secure way.

Outsourcing your Healthcare I.T. Services is a good idea. However, there are 5 potential issues you must avoid:

  1. Issues With Security and Privacy

The healthcare industry is facing significant risk regarding leakage of sensitive information—specifically Protected Health Information (PHI). The Health and Human Services Department has reported that there are many breaches in the healthcare industry each year. An effective data- management program is imperative.

Unless your Healthcare I.T. Services Company is experienced in:

  • The most up-to-date EHR/EMR and HIPAA security requirements,
  • The Meaningful Use Stages, and
  • State-of-the-art solutions to prevent data breaches—

You’re setting yourself up for fines, and the forgoing of incentive payments from CMS. 

  1. Data-Management Issues

The digitization of healthcare has led to a dependence on Big Data. As healthcare becomes more dependent on this data — the storage, protection, backup and recovery of it is critical.

Unless your healthcare I.T. Services Company has an expertise in the latest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, you may not be able to access your data in the event of a disaster (manmade or natural).

  1. Interoperability and Information Exchange Issues

Affordable Care Organizations (ACO), Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and new-care delivery models (home care, remote monitoring and other requirements) are driving information exchange.

Ensure your provider has a background and comprehensive knowledge in this area, or your information-sharing capabilities will suffer. 

  1. BYOD.


Consumer-grade devices such as smartphones, have created a perplexing problem. Because your physicians, nurses and allied-health professionals require portability and information-sharing capabilities, security can be an issue.

Unless your Healthcare I.T. Services Company offers today’s innovative Mobile Device Management Solutions, along with BYOD training for your staff, your data is at risk.   

  1. Cyber-Security Issues

You have more to worry about than the MRSA virus. At last count, the computer security firm Symantec had identified more than 23 million computer viruses.

Unless your Healthcare I.T. Services Company can provide a layered-defense to block cyber threats—And, also, conduct Security Audits to identify vulnerabilities in your network, your entire I.T. Infrastructure is open to cyber attacks.

Alltek Services can address all these issues and more. We’re the premier Healthcare I.T. Services Company in Lakeland. Don’t waste your time, or risk the integrity of your healthcare facility. Contact our Healthcare I.T. Experts for an assessment of your technology service needs. (863) 709-0709 info@AlltekServices.com

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