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Technology truly has the capacity to improve the way you work today, not only in terms of efficiency but also in the results you produce for your patients. Meaningful Use is the implementation of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to improve quality of care, patient and family engagement, and security of health information.

Has your healthcare IT support company been talking to your practice about Meaningful Use? If not, there are 3 major things you need to know.

  • It Puts Patient Care First

Electronic health records were made to improve the overall quality of patient care. They give you immediate access to patient records from any location and allow for easier documentation and more accurate coding and billing. With access to a patients complete health record at your fingertips, diagnosis will be quicker and more accurate than ever. Any potential conflicts in prescriptions or methods of care for a patient will be easily identified allowing for fewer mistakes and the finest care possible.

  • It Helps to Maintain Security

Privacy and the security of your patients’ information and health records are incredibly important. They rely on your practice to implement the proper security and handle their records and information with the utmost care. Meaningful Use helps to maintain privacy and keep health information confidential. You’ll always be in compliance with industry regulations.

  • It Increases Your Effectiveness and Cuts Costs

Nearly every practice that has implemented EHRs has reported improved functionality among their staff. Managing your patients and staying on top of all your tasks will be easier than ever and allow your workforce to be more effective. Plus, costs are kept to an absolute minimum thanks to reduced transcription costs, lower chart pull, storage and re-filing fees, and reduced medical errors due to error prevention alerts and easier access to patient data.

It’s time that your healthcare IT support company starts talking to your practice about Meaningful Use and how it can positively impact your work and patients.

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