Interviewing A New Computer Consultant In Lakeland? 3 Questions To Ask
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Making the right decision when it comes to hiring a computer consultant in Lakeland will make all the difference in your company’s productivity and efficiency. When selecting a computer consultant for your Polk County organization, it’s crucial to ask the right questions so you don’t get stuck in a contract that doesn’t meet your needs.

Asking the following 3 questions will help you determine if the computer consultant you’re interviewing is the right fit.

  • Do You Offer a Guaranteed Response Time?

In the case of an issue with your network, you need to be able to expect that your computer consultant has a guaranteed response time. Knowing that your downtime will be kept to a minimum means not having to worry about decreased productivity or lost efficiencies with your staff members.

  • What Industries Have You Worked with In The Past?

Whether you work in a law office, financial services firm or healthcare clinic, it’s integral that your computer consultant has experience with your field. Understanding your providers past work is important to knowing that they’ll be able to deliver the service you need.

  • What isn’t Covered in Our Support Contract?

Your computer consultant will start telling you all about the services offered in their contract, you also need to ask what isn’t covered. Many computer consultants will leave out important details about hardware support or network updates that you may need in the future. Make sure you have all your bases covered, because if a company isn’t offering what you need, they’re not the right fit for you.

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