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Alltek Services is so excited to have Reactive Tax Solutions as a friend and client. The team at Reactive Tax Solutions bring decades of experience and a deep knowledge of the tax system to the table. For clients of Alltek, Reactive Tax Solutions is offering a 10% discount on their services. This is beneficial for those who are already clients of Alltek, as well as anyone who has been considering Alltek for their IT needs. The incentive from Reactive Tax Solutions makes this an offer difficult to pass up.

Reactive Tax Solutions

Reactive Tax Solutions provides personal and business tax return preparation and strategies, along with small business accounting. Reactive Tax Solutions was founded by Marie Shankland, who has been providing accounting and tax services for over 17 years. Marie holds a Bachelor’s degree which specializes in accounting and she was also an instructor of all things tax related for 5 years. Shankland still loves to educate individuals on the interworking’s of taxes and their returns, and she understands that taxes can be as individualistic as the people who are filing.

Reactive Tax Solutions provide a digital service meaning that they can provide service nationwide and are not restricted by location. Reactive Tax Solutions services states across the country, including federal services. Part of their services include e-signatures, which allows the tax preparation and return process to move quickly without the need for trips to the physical office. The services provided by Reactive Tax Solutions are remarkable, and Marie reviews each return before it is filed since it is her name and reputation on the line.

The 10% discount is a “welcome to the family” introduction of Reactive Tax Solutions. They will provide Alltek clients with a 10% discount on their services. With a focus on individualized and superb services, Marie and others at Reactive Tax Solutions are eager to help whether that be in the form of personal tax return preparation or small business accounting. For more information about Reactive Tax Solutions visit You can also email the tax specialists at or call (813) 335-1003.

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