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Excel Webinar Pro Training Part 2

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The Lawyer’s Guide to Preventing 7 Major IT Headaches

An efficient and secure running IT system is essential for any organization, and especially so for today’s law practices. Your work relies on secure and ready access to your data when you’re in the office, courtroom or when on the road. You need the ability to interface your Line of Business applications with other IT

Intern Alert! We’ve Add A New Member To Our Team of Central Florida IT Experts

If you know anything about Alltek Services, you know we live by our “Box of Best Practices”. This is a proven set of tools and hardware that we implement at client sites throughout Polk and Hillsborough County. Clients may not be ready to jump in 100% right off the bat, but eventually, their network is completely in the box. This makes their lives — and ours — easier!

You Too Can Use Excel Like A Pro – Here’s Part 2 of Our Series to Show You How

With the 2016 version of Excel, Microsoft has really upped its game for people who aren’t great with numbers. You can now easily use one-click access that can be customized to provide the functionality you need. This is the second of our three-part series about using Microsoft Excel 2016 to help you identify trends, construct