What is VoIP and How Is It Driving the Business World Forward?
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If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard of VoIP.  It’s the word many of you have undoubtedly heard in passing, but maybe don’t quite understand.

When you finally find out that VoIP is a revolutionary, modern way to communicate, you want to get all the details on this new and exciting technology.

Exactly What is VoIP anyway?


What can it do for you?

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  The beauty of VoIP is that it makes use of the internet instead of traditional phone lines for sending and receiving messages.  Because VoIP is internet based, there are additional technological benefits that make switching to VoIP incredibly attractive to companies.

Traditional telephony is a system that dates back to the early days of the 1900’s.

And it works…but it can be expensive.

Why not trim up that bottom line with cutting-edge VoIP technology that is not only more efficient but also saves money?

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Why is VoIP better than using a landline?

The traditional telephone landline system is a limited communication tool because it is dependent upon analog signals which translate then transmit your voice over telephone lines for receipt by the listener. Beyond simply speaking and hearing, you can record messages from a traditional phone, and that’s pretty much it.

VoIP doesn’t operate on analog signals at all.  It translates the sound of your voice into digital signals that can then be sent via the internet to the listener and back to you.

VoIP is fully capable of working with those businesses who still retain the traditional telecommunications model.  Under that circumstance, the digital signals would then be translated from a digital file back to an audio one through a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) gateway.  This gateway acts as a personal translator to enable you to communicate with people who use either telephone method.

The great thing about this is that choosing to switch to this more advanced telephone system will not limit you in any way.  You can still communicate with all of your customers regardless of which system they choose to use.

What are the benefits of switching to VoIP?

  • No additional hardware required–Switching to VoIP saves you money! VoIP requires very little, if any, additional hardware to get up and running.   Standard phone lines require line installations and continual telephone line fees and long distance charges.  With VoIP, you simply pay for your monthly internet use.  It is a singular, consistent monthly cost.
  • No long-term contracts—Many businesses opt to purchase a VoIP plan and telephone system for their businesses. These plans are scalable and cost much less than traditional landline phone service.  But best of all, there is no contract for you to sign which obligates you long term.  If you find a system you like better, you can switch at any time without any penalty to you.
  • No more expensive long distance bills—In today’s business market, a lot of companies employ remote workers or have employees who are regularly out of the office in the “field.” Because VoIP makes use of the internet to transmit phone calls, it is easy for you to connect with your employees no matter where they may be.  Best of all, these calls are included in your flat rate monthly fee.  It doesn’t matter if you are on one end of the country and your employees in the other—or even in another country—outrageous long distance and roaming charges become a thing of the past with VoIP.
  • A user-friendly app—Most VoIP companies provide you with an app which simplifies making phone calls from mobile devices. This enables you to multi-task and provides the convenience of being able to connect with your employees on any device you happen to have with you.  Best of all, no more missing important phone calls!   No matter where you are, you have the capability to send and receive messages.
  • Scale it up or down—The VoIP system makes it simple to scale your services to meet the needs of your business. This growth is very inexpensive for you as the consumer as it does not require costly additional hardware acquisitions.  The solutions for increasing your VoIP services are very simple and easily installed.
  • Seamless transitioningVoIP makes it simple to transition from your old system to the new. There is no need to have a new phone line run into your office.  Your phone numbers remain the same – so there is no need to waste precious time sending out emails to clients with phone number changes.  It is as simple as plugging your phone into an existing jack or opening up your VoIP app on your smartphone, and you’re in business!
  • VoIP Features you’ll love—What do I have to give up with VoIP technology? Nothing!  All the features you’ve come to love with your landline are available on your new phone system.  But that’s not all!  VoIP offers more!  In addition to traditional call features such as voicemail and caller ID, you also receive voice mail forwarding to your email, voicemail transcription, call screening, and so much more!

The future is exciting!  It’s easy to see how VoIP technology can save your company both time and money, and there are significant benefits to making the switch.

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