Microsoft Teams Webinar - Episode 1 of Webinar Series
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Webinar Series

Episode 1 – Microsoft Teams

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Wednesday October 21st at 10am EST

Teams has changed quite a bit over the last few months through the pandemic. Competing with Zoom has required them to adapt and create an even more robust service offering.

In this webinar, we will be discussing important topics such as:

  1. Setting up a Team within Microsoft Teams.
  2. Using the chat function in the Teams board as well as the chat board.
  3. Video conferencing and call conferencing for internal and external users.
  4. How to use “connectors” or 3rd party integrations with Teams.
  5. Sharing files within your Team – How does this work and where is this info saved?
  6. In depth review of the Teams Calendar and how this integrates with Outlook.
  7. How to use Apps within Teams.
  8. How to search within teams.
  9. How to maximize Teams at your business.

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